What blind astronauts and successful decision-makers have in common

5 Inspiring TED Talks You Should Know

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When you hear incubator Bill Gross talking about recipes for success for start-ups and – a click later – see Bono philosophizing about the end of poverty, then you have probably landed at TED. For some years now, the innovation conference has been promising “Knowledge in addictively small doses”. There are now more than 2,000 presentations online. Here you find five, which are worth your time. Read More

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Big Data in Consumer Society – Part 2

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“If I had asked my customers what they wanted, I would have had to develop a faster horse.” Henry Ford supposedly said that once. Whether that’s true or not, would Ford ever have developed the legendary Model T if he had asked the Big Data Oracle before? Would the iPhone exist if Steve Jobs hadn’t followed his intuition?

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Of Puppets and Puppeteers

Big Data in Consumer Society – Part 1

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Collecting data is part of the business model of Google and Facebook. But for a long time now, other companies have also been collecting data – and it doesn’t seem to bother consumers. Do they become corporation puppets? Is trading service for data a fair deal? Learn more in this first article in a three-part series about big data in consumer society.

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Internet Killed the TV Star

What the Netflix Phenomenon Means for Decision-Makers

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The TV industry is upside down. In just a few years, Netflix has almost overtaken a market that had been well-established for decades. With high-quality films and TV series that customers can stream over the Internet at any time – even on the go on the tablet. Now Netflix is expanding into other countries. A warning and an example for managers of how quickly classic business models are changing.

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Epic Win?

Gamification is Changing Business

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They rarely shower, their skin is pale and their friends have never seen them in real life. Gamers were considered nerds just a few years ago. But the world has changed. Today, countless companies integrate various game elements into their day-to-day business. What is behind the Gamification trend?

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